Quality Custom, Open, & Enclosed Trailers

When you need a dependable trailer in which to haul your car or household items, turn to Express Trailer Sales. Based in Newfield, New York, we offer both open and enclosed trailers, as well as custom trailers designed to your specifications.
Auto with Trailer - Open Trailers

Quality Utility Trailers

Trailers serve a universal purpose. They can be used to haul your lawnmower, haul your car, or perhaps even to transport your household goods during relocation.

Our open trailers range from smaller sizes like 4' x 8' to larger 30' trailer options with carrying weights from 2,000 lbs. to 16,000 lbs. We also sell enclosed trailers, which can be custom built, in addition to 30-40 trailers that we currently have in stock. All our trailers are built with quality and pride, ensuring you get a trailer that will last you for years.


The Best Builders

Our open trailers are made by Quality Steel & Aluminum and feature a beneficial warranty. These trailers are only available for purchase directly through a dealer, such as Express Trailer Sales.

Some of our closed trailers are manufactured by Look Corporation. These quality built trailers offer great warranties. Additional closed trailers are made by Team Spirit, another company with great trailers who excel at creating custom-built trailers for our customers.

Custom trailers are built to your specifications and offer many customization options. We will work with you to design your custom trailer through a consultation prior to design.

Contact us in Newfield, New York, to take advantage of our trailer
sales and find a quality open, enclosed, or custom trailer for all your hauling needs.